Cans for Sale or Trade
Listed below are cans I currently have available. If you need any additional information contact me. Check my "Want List" for cans I'm looking for. If you have something I need I'm sure we can work something out in either the form of metal or paper.
Schaefer Wood Grain 12oz
Flat Top - top opened
Schaefer 16oz with
handle welded on - $8.00
Ballentine 12oz with
handle welded on - $8.00
Budweiser 12oz with
handle welded on (smoke stained) - $5.00
Miller High Life 12oz
Flat Top - bottom opened - $40.00
Finast Cola 12oz flat top
solid dumper - $5.00
1976 Royal Crown Cola 12oz pull tabs
Cleveland Cavs

                 Also have Royal Crown Cola 12oz pull tabs sports sets of

                       1977 Baseball - 1978 Baseball -
                                      Click on buttons to see sets
Mount Carbon Bavarian Type
Quart Cone Top
Mount Carbon M.C. Beer
12oz Cone Top
Yuengling Beer with cap
12oz Cone Top
Pocono Mountain set - $15.00
Pictured are some of the Yuengling cans available. To see more go to my Can Totes.
If you're interested in a can email me with the description and I'll get back to you.
[email protected]
1978 Football Cans