All the cone & flat tops pictured below are on my wanted
list. Some I already have but I'm looking to upgrade.
If you have any of the cans on this page check my traders page. Otherwise we can work something out.
                                                                         Quart Cone Tops                                                              12oz Cone Tops                               Flat Tops
Also wanted: Side panel 3 digit year cans (cans pictured are for reference only).
“over xxx years of traditional, quality family brewing.”
Prize Beer

Years listed in blue are wanted in the non-commemorative cans (no fire co., strictly Yuengling labels both sides).
Lager Year
Light Lager Year
Lord Chesterfield Ale Year
Premium Beer Years - 16oz

164 - 168
Premium Light Beer Years - 16 oz

165 - 167
166 regular Lager can without the Anniversary Logo
pull tab can not the flat top